Therapy for Young Adults

Being a young adult presents many unique challenges that can lead to anxiety, depression, and other difficulties. From adjusting to post-college life to trouble finding and keeping a job, your mental health can be a difficult thing to think of. It is, however,  important to remember. There is a benefit of consistent positive interventions and maintaining a level of mental wellness, provided in therapy, even when things aren’t chaotic or devastating.

Chudy Counseling Services offers young adult therapy services designed to fit your needs. Our therapists specialize in anxiety, OCD, depression, and trauma. All of these issues can possibly hold you back when trying to start your adult life. Though we do live in a world of “do it yourself,” you may not always have the tools to make things better on your own.  Therapy for young adults can vary and may include one-on-one sessions, family counseling, stress management training, conflict resolution, and more.

Whether you are dealing with moving away from home, finding a career, struggling with workplace dynamics, dating, starting a family of your own, or anything else Chudy Counseling Services can help. Our therapy for young adults will adapt to you. With offices in Orland Park and Chicago we can meet your scheduling needs  (adapt to your schedule) and make sure you have the treatment you need. 

Our experience with working with young adults with various cultural, educational and familial backgrounds gives us a unique perspective.

Start yourself on a path to better mental health.



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