Trauma Therapy and Grief Counseling in San Diego

Many mental issues such as depression, anxiety, or OCD often stem from an unacknowledged trauma. For trauma survivors receiving counseling can often seem daunting. Chudy Counseling Services can help you gain the courage you need to help process feelings from past trauma and also help manage grief and any mental disorders that might stem from traumatic incidents. Our therapist Susan Chudy is also a member of International Association of Trauma Professionals.

In addition to trauma therapy Chudy Counseling Services also specializes in grief counseling. The loss of a loved one can often be difficult to handle and it can manifest itself in many forms. Chudy Counseling Services’ grief counseling will adjust to your needs and give you an outlet for your grief in order for you to stay connected to the outside world. 

Start on the road to recovery from trauma and to handling grief. 



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