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Can Massage Therapy Help Me?

I was walking around my neighborhood yesterday and I happened to spot a lot of massage therapy centers.  It got me thinking about how massage benefits both myself and my clients. 

Almost 20% of Americans suffer from an anxiety disorder and about 10%, from depression.  Both of these disorders can interfere with daily functioning and physical health if they go untreated.  New research has recently shown that massage therapy can be beneficial to those suffering from both anxiety and depression.

There are two types of anxiety, state and trait.  State anxiety is a reaction to something that is going on, a temporary reaction to an immediate stress.  Trait anxiety is chronic and ongoing anxiety.  A single session of massage therapy has been shown to be very effective with those experiencing state anxiety, more so than with trait anxiety.  However, a series of massage sessions can help alleviate some symptoms of trait anxiety.

Proper treatment of anxiety and depression is important.  Living with these disorders is painful and distressing.  Massage therapy can be a benefit.  If you know someone who is suffering from anxiety and depression, urge them to get the care they need so that they can go on to live a more successful and productive life.

Some massage therapy centers in Chicago Loop:

Alele Massage:

Relax in Chicago: (this place is located in my office building)